Why I Respect Animals and Want to Care for Them

andrea-roseMy name is Andrea Rose and I respect animals. I have felt a connection to animals for as long as I can remember. By spending time with animals, I’ve seen they have emotions, are self-aware and truly value their own lives. Because of this, I believe we have an obligation to respect, protect and care for them.

That connection has turned into my life’s mission of working tirelessly to help animals in need. I currently work as a veterinary technician where I provide care for animals at work and I care for many animals in my own home.

Because of my deep reverence for animals, I decided to help build the Living With Harmony Sanctuary with John Pierre. In my work at the sanctuary, I will help special needs, abused, abandoned and neglected animals, so they can live out their lives in peace and comfort. We all strive for a fulfilling life full of happiness and it’s my honor to provide this same opportunity to animals in need. In my work at the Sanctuary, I will also provide education and resources about companion animals and the issues they face.

In addition to working and caring for animals at the sanctuary, I will use my experience as an environmental educator to bring awareness to the benefits of sustainable and green living. At the Living with Harmony Sanctuary, we hope to also inspire people to create a positive change in their lives through their experience and connection to the community we will create there.

I hope you can help us in your own way to reach our goals of building the Living With Harmony Sanctuary and Community. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe for updates on our progress. Also let us know in the comments section about any suggestions or help you can provide.

Andrea Rose.

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