Thanks For Your Help In 2015 And Goals for 2016

Your Generosity in 2015 Helped Us Tremendously!

We want to thank our many supporters for your generosity throughout 2015 and especially during our end-of-year fund drive.  Your donations were extremely helpful with our day to day expenses as well as moving us closer to our goal of soon purchasing a property.

Our Search for A Property to Call Our Own

Although we still have a long way to go with fundraising for a property, we evaluated and visited a few potential locations in Colorado this year.  If you are aware of a potential property or landowner in Colorado that is looking to sell, please let us know.

We Hired a New Farm Manager Denise

We began applying some of our donations to help cover operating costs and most recently to pay our wonderful new addition to Living With Harmony, our farm manager, Denise.  We will share some exciting news soon on how Denise has been helping a Colorado animal sanctuary as we get ready for a property of our own.

Denise our new farm hand.

Denise our new farm manager. Thanks for your help!

John Pierre Travels To Spread the News About Living With Harmony

This year, we were very busy attending conferences and spreading the news about our vision.  John Pierre was a presenter at numerous conferences, including the Vegetarian SummerFest in PA and the VegFest Colorado.   We had tables at these events and talked with many people about the sanctuary and our upcoming projects.

John Pierre’s New Book Strong, Savvy and Safe

We are excited to announce that John recently completed his second book, “Strong, Savvy and Safe“.  All the proceeds from this book will benefit Living With Harmony.  Strong, Savvy and Safe introduces practical tools and principles that invite everyone to take control and responsibility of their personal health, safety, and awareness; inspiring true empowerment and lasting well being.

Andrea’s Work With Animal Care This Year

Andrea Rose spent time maintaining her CE and learning more about farm and exotic animal care at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas.  She also attended the Animals Rights National Conference in Alexandria, VA so she could connect with and learn from other sanctuaries and talk to the attendees about Living With Harmony.  She also visited several sanctuaries, including Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge in North Carolina to see their set up, observe how they function and learn best practices.

Animals We Have Helped This Year

Below are a few animals helped this year through our work in volunteering at several animal sanctuaries.  We will publish more information soon about these great animals!

Great Plans for 2016!

We have great plans for 2016 that we hope to share with you very soon and we hope you will continue to help and support us in any way you can.

Please Donate If You Can

If you are able, we hope you can make a contribution on our donate page, either as a reoccurring or single donation.

Thanks again for your help and support!

John Pierre, Andrea and Denise

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