Portrait Riya & Baby Skye of Lasa Sanctuary – Read Their Touching Story

Victoria Hart Illustration of Lana and Skye from Lasa Sanctuary

The beautiful illustration above is of Riya and baby Skye was done by talented animal portrait artist Victoria Hart of Euclid, OH.  Victoria also designed the Living With Harmony logo we use today!

Lasa Sanctuary Logo

The Lasa Sanctuary is a nonprofit based in northeast Ohio and has very similar goals to Living With Harmony.  Their mission is to provide sanctuary for animals of all species and to share their message of compassionate healing to others.

We are honored to introduce the story of Riya and Skye on on website.  Their story is a touching, but bittersweet one.   Their rescue is a rare and special occurrence and is possible thanks to sanctuaries like this that exist to help farm animals.

Thanks to Lasa Sanctuary, they were offered a second chance – a reprieve from the miserable life that they were born in to.  The sad reality is that millions of dairy cows don’t get this chance and are forced to endure the suffering, discomfort and pain in silence. Thankfully, there are many alternatives to dairy and it has never been easier to avoid supporting the dairy industry.  We hope Riya and Skye will encourage people to make better choices that don’t harm others.   They encourage us to keep up with our mission to create our sanctuary so we have a place to help others in need.

Here are a few more great illustrations of Riya and Skye by Victoria Hart.


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