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Books & Documentaries

Book: How Not to Die by Michael Greger. White cover and words

documentary: Cowspiracy, image of cow's face

Book, pillars of health by John Pierre

documentary: Forks Over Knives, illustration of hand holding a fork.

Book: strong savvy dafe by John Pierre. Black cover with images of women fighting against an attacker, getting to her car alone and doing a pushup.

Documentary: What the Health. Image of a hamburger roll filled with lettuce, tomato slice, and pills fill the bun and pills scattered around it.

Earthling Documentary: cover is a photo of a red plant, cow face and a human man.

Unity Documentary: cover is a silhouette of a tree in the sky, with a purple and pink sky behind

We highly recommend also checking out

to learn more from the creators of Earthlings and Unity.


Cookbook: Unprocessed by Chef AJ. Title is stenciled in white over a potato.

Cookbook: The 30 minute vegan, Soup's On! by Mark Reinfeld. Cover is a close up of a white bowl, with a red soup, topped with a white cream, croutons and green herbs.

Cookbook: Everyday Happy Herbivore by Lindsay Nixon. Image of Lindsay in the Kitchen holding a red pepper. Smaller photos underneath are tacos, sandwiches, cookies cake and a pasta dish.

Cookbook: Forks Over Knives Cookbook. Cover has documentary logo of a hand holding a fork and 3 photos of recipes, one a cast iron skillet filled with vegetables, tacos and a pasta dish.

Cookbook: Thrive Energy Cookbook. Image of swiss chard leaves, green leaves and red stems.

The 30 minute vegan's Taste of Europe by Mark Reinfeld.


Goodbelly probiotics, small white canister with a black label. Probiotic illustration in green

O-Mega-Zen 3 Liquid by Nutru in a dropper bottle


O-Mega-Zen capsules

Now Supplements: Kelp Now Supplements: Vitamin D, 1000 IU Now Supplements: Methyl b-12 1000 mcg

Now Supplements: Barley grass juiceHealth Force: Vita greens, green powder

Timeless Turmeric

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Bag of turmeric

Beet Boost

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white canister of Beet Boost, image of beet on container


B12, D3, and DHA/EPA

It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t

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Complement b12, pictures 3 white spray bottles


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Plantiva supplements: picture shows Plantiva Immune DX, Cold DX, and Aller DX

Kitchen Essentials

Veggie Dome

Keeping veggies fresh on your table for days.

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image of a glass dome over fresh cut vegetables, celery and lettuces

Glass Dharma

Glass drama logo with image of short straws coming out of the earth, second earth with longer straws with a  bend, and third earth with long straws with color dots

The original glass straw made in the U.S.A.

Remember- 1 reusable straw can replace 1000’s of plastic straws and GlassDharma has a life-time guarantee against breakage!!

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backpackers pantry: blueberry walnut Oats and quinoa backpacker's pantry chana masala backpacker's pantry charros beans and rice backpacker's pantry cuban coconut rice and black beans


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Powerrootz superfood nutritional shake: black canisters show 3 flavors, vibrant vanilla, chocolate peanut butter madness and peanut butter bliss

Clearly Filtered

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Clearly filtered, photo of altered water pitcher and blue water bottle

Boku Superfood

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Boku Superfoods:  Super Berries Boku Superfoods: Super Food Boku Superfoods: Super Shrooms Boku Superfoods: Super Protein



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Xero Shoes Prios shoe, yellow and gray trail sneaker with blue lacesxero shoes: casual gray shoexero shoes gray shoe with yellow bandsxero shoes slack block

Pro Series yellow workout ballThera resistance exercise band, image shows red band and black box packaging

Plaine Products

Refillable products.

Dedicated to the elimination of single use plastics.

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Plain Products logo, white text with blue sky over the ocean with a starfish next to the word products

OWL Open Window for Life

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Open window for Life, image shows green OWL rectangle that has a circular metal knife, logo is owl eyes