Project Child Save

Living With Harmony works hand in hand with Project Child Save, a non-profit organization dedicated to locating and recovering children kidnapped and sold into slavery.  We do this by raising public awareness of these atrocities. We also educate the community about personal safety and awareness and how to keep children safe.We continually have fundraising events for Project Child Save throughout the year.  We also facilitate the collection of food, clothing and toys to help the rescue team and the children.

Helping Pets in Need

Colorado Pet Pantry is a Colorado nonprofit food bank for family pets.  Living With Harmony assists them by running two Boulder locations per month; thus, helping pets stay with their families and out of shelters.  Volunteers are always welcome to help us run our locations.  Please Contact Us for more information.

School Outreach Program

Living With Harmony will soon launch a school outreach program to educate teachers and school officials on the myths that pocket pets, turtles and reptiles are easy to care for, and to discourage having these, and other, animals as pets in classrooms. Many classroom programs using animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, hamsters, turtles, and even chick hatching programs, do not take into account the welfare of the animal(s). Living With Harmony is excited to put together a program where we might be able to improve the lives of those already in classrooms and to hopefully prevent more animals from being used and housed in these unnatural environments

Today in the face of an increasingly harmful and isolated culture, there is nothing we need more than a physical place to heal, connect, and grow. 

This is why we are working to create a progressive, inclusive, and life-affirming animal sanctuary and retreat facility. Our facility will be based on the core values of compassion, acceptance, refuge and encouragement.