Sustainable Harmony

The core members of the community will be the staff and volunteers who live and work at the retreat center, as well as the animals in our care. The community will also include guests of the retreats, visitors to the  retreat center, and anyone else who participates in the center’s programs, unified by our shared vision of environmental respect and sustainability, self-care, and living with harmony.

  • Safety and Stability: The physical, mental and emotional well-being of the human and non-human members of the LWH community will remain paramount, with all our efforts focused on creating as safe, stable, inclusive, and nurturing space.
  • Sustainability: The LWH Sanctuary and Retreat Center will utilize the most eco-friendly methods and materials possible; powered by solar and other low-impact energy forms; focused on minimal waste generation; employing composting, re-purposing and recycling wherever feasible, along with grey water recycling.
  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint:  At LWH we are committed to live in harmony with all species, so we provide solely plant-based foods, containing the lowest carbon footprint, at our events and at our retreat center. We kindly ask staff and visitors to bring only plant-based food and beverages to our retreat center/sanctuary and events.
  • Self-Sufficiency:  The Sanctuary and Retreat Center will seek to create as much of its own energy as possible by utilizing alternative energy sources, such as solar power and recycling and reusing its water. Organic gardens, orchards, and greenhouses will assist the Center to grow and store much of its own organic food, hay, and vegetables, for both resident and Retreat Center use. This will help fulfill the goal of becoming self-sustaining.