The Retreat

The Retreat will be a place of tranquility for those who need time away from stressful and traumatic environments; providing physical, mental, and emotional rest and healing. Tailored program combinations will be offered to guests, ranging from a few days to weeks or even months, depending on individual needs.

Retreat Features

  • Cafe:  A progressive cafe where the community, visitors and staff can experience vibrant, healthy, plant-based food that is delicious and nutritious. The Café will feature organically grown produce that is grown onsite and will also utilize produce that is locally grown.
  • Fitness Programs: A variety of fitness programs will be offered, ranging in duration and intensity, depending on the guest’s fitness levels and goals.
  • Seminars and Workshops: We will host regular seminars and workshops featuring top experts on a broad range of relevant topics, including: nutrition, organic gardening, fitness, food preparation classes, mental health, women’s safety and self-defense, as well as animal and environmental issues.
  • Counseling and Support Groups:  We will utilize the retreat space to facilitate progressive, professional counseling and support groups, such as AA and OA.