Thanks – We Did It – We Made our Matching Goal!

Thanks to you, we met the Malcolm B. Bird Charitable Foundation fundraising challenge to earn our matching grant.

This means we were able to almost double our $25,757.00 in donations to $50,757.00!  This money has now been set aside for our much needed property fund.

Our Search for A Home

During the fundraising campaign we’ve been busy looking at properties and trying to find the perfect home for the Living With Harmony Sanctuary and Retreat Center. There are so many beautiful communities in Colorado that it’s hard to make a choice. And if you know of any properties that you think might work for us, please let us know.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this fundraising drive so successful.  We especially want to thank the Malcolm B. Bird Charitable Foundation for providing us with this wonderful fundraising challenge.  We would not be able to do this without your support!

New Opportunities and Experiences

Our time at Beakon Hill Farm has come to and end, but we’re continuing to gain experience through volunteering at other local sanctuaries.

We’re currently spending time at Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary in Lafayette, Colorado and are always helping animals in need when we can. Here’s a great photo of two of the pigs at Luvin Arms – Felix and Franklin.


We Need Your Help to Make this Happen

We need more people to help us create our vision and be active participants in the building of Living With Harmony.

If you have expertise or are willing to learn we need help in the following areas:

  • Realtor to help us reduce real estate costs in our search of a new property
  • Website Design and Maintenance using WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Research and Writing articles in the areas of animal care, animal rescue, health & nutrition
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Landscaping/Carpentry
  • Gardening

Please contact us if you can help or would like more information.

Be Well,
Andrea, JP and Denise


JP at Luvin” Arms Sanctuary in Lafayette, CO

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