John Pierre on Fueling Ourselves for Action and Compassion

Our founder John Pierre recently talked with Howard Jacobson, host of the popular Plant Yourself Podcast.  Howard is a researcher, speaker, educator, marketer and coach helping people make informed decisions about their lifestyle to support vibrant health and fitness.

howard-jacobson-plant-yourself-podcastHoward Jacobson is the contributing author to several books on health and marketing. With T. Colin Campbell, he wrote WHOLE: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition and with Garth Davis, MD he wrote Proteinaholic, looking at the evidence linking diet with disease and health. Through his writing and coaching work, Howard has helped thousands of people improve their diets, fitness, and health.

John Pierre Speaks About Living A Gentler And Kinder Way Of Life – Some Of The Foundations Of Living With Harmony

John’s unique ability to communicate valuable information in an easy-to-understand manner has made him a popular and sought-after speaker at numerous vegetarian, animal rights, fitness, and health-promoting conferences around the world.

Many people have not had the opportunity to see him in person, but now on the podcast interview with Howard Jacobson you can hear John speak without leaving your living room.

John Pierre’s Podcast Interview With Howard Jacobson

In this podcast with Howard, John Pierre discussed the connections between processed food and predatory teenage boys, milk production and sexual assault, violent video games and third world child soldiers and non-judgment and effective advocacy.

listen-to-the-podcast2John also talked about his most exciting project, the building of Living With Harmony and our search for a location.

Build It and They Will Come

We are trying to build the Living With Harmony community and are always seeking volunteers to help with our website, social media and many other ways.  You don’t have to live here to assist us.

How You Can Get Involved

Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the exciting opportunities to help us to achieve our vision.  Please join our mailing list and help spread the news on Twitter and Facebook.

We know that when we build it they will come.

Thank you!

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