Living With Harmony’s #GivingTuesday Challenge

Living With Harmony’s #GivingTuesday Fundraising Challenge

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, the Black Friday shopping event and Cyber Monday.  #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on the holidays and end-of-year giving.

More information about GivingTuesday can be found on the website website.

One great way you can help support or get involved with Living With Harmony during this year’s #GivingTuesday, is to donate or volunteer.

Our #GivingTuesday fundraising goal this year $2,000.  Money raised from this campaign will be used to help our resident medical fund for this upcoming year.

We’re also welcoming any form of volunteer help from the community for various projects to help further our organization.  Please contact us for more details.

Donating or Volunteering is a one of the best ways to get involved in the Living With Harmony community.


Can You Donate to Our Medical Fund?

Some of our residents suffer from physical or medical challenges and we strive to provide them with the best chance for a happy and fulfilling life.  Several of them are healthy now, but still need routine care and monitoring, including vet visits.  As our residents age, most likely they will struggle with an illness, a chronic condition or a medical emergency at some point.  This means we cannot rescue as many animals as we would like because we need to ensure we have the resources, the space and the funds to treat them.  Medical care can be quite extensive and expensive.  We evaluate each animal carefully to ensure that the diagnostics or treatment that they need is appropriate for them and that it will not cause unnecessary pain or duress if they are suffering from a condition that they will not recover or improve from.


Cosette’s Dental Drama

Dental disease in rabbits is common – especially in middle-aged or older rabbits.  It can be very challenging to treat and some rabbits do well, but for some it may take several surgeries and rounds of anti-biotics to clear.  The expenses add up quickly from diagnostic tools such as radiographs, cultures, bloodwork, cytologies and from the procedures themselves.  Even if we elect not to treat or to do surgery, we still have to determine what is wrong and to see if the resident has a good chance to recover.  This is only fair and we certainly don’t want finances to be a deciding factor.  We always strive to keep our residents healthy, providing the best diets and practicing preventive medicine.

Cosette, feeling well enough to eat carrots

We would like to share Cosette’s story about her struggle with dental disease.  Cosette was found as a baby, abandoned in a park.  She was always bouncy and healthy for over 3 years until this past June when she started to go off of her hay and then started nibbling on her other food.  Food is something that rabbits get really excited over and if they don’t, even for one meal it is a cause for concern.   After bloodwork, skull radiographs under anesthesia and abdominal radiographs, she started her nursing care and treatment for an unknown illness.  Her treatment entailed syringe feedings, subcutaneous fluids and medications.  After a few weeks with nursing care,  she improved temporarily until she relapsed in August with similar symptoms.  After more radiographs of her skull and teeth, it was determined that she had a molar root abscess that was finally visible and surgery was required.  She had the surgery and after several weeks, had not fully recovered.  She went to an exotic specialist for a CT scan of her skull at Colorado State University’s Vet School and it was determined that she suffered from a jaw fracture, caused from infection.  After two more surgeries. including another molar extraction and weeks later, she had another surgery last week.   She still hasn’t fully recovered and the area needed to be flushed and debrided again.  We also had some tissue sent off to a lab for analysis to make sure we know what disease process was happening.  Thankfully, the tissue report came back as nothing serious.

Cosette, eating her greens

Cosette has been bouncing back between surgeries and we really would like to see her free from discomfort and pain.  It is very challenging sometimes to make the best decisions for our residents and we try to approach if from what is best for them and not for us.  We are hoping that this final surgery will finally fight this aggressive infection and hopefully it will be her last surgery.

We hope to raise funds so we can continue to offer our residents the diagnostics and treatments that they deserve.

Please consider making a donation to our #GivingTuesday fundraiser!


Can You Volunteer?

We also are in urgent need of a person who can help us draft up a business plan, so we can present to potential investors, supporters and donors.  We’re welcoming any form of help that you can give.

Please keep us in mind if you have some time or skills that you would like to share with us.

To make a donation for #GivingTuesday, please visit our GivingTuesday Donation Page here.  If you’re interested in talking with us about volunteer projects, please visit out Contact us Page here.

Thank you very much!

Today in the face of an increasingly harmful and isolated culture, there is nothing we need more than a physical place to heal, connect, and grow. 

This is why we are working to create a progressive, inclusive, and life-affirming animal sanctuary and retreat facility. Our facility will be based on the core values of compassion, acceptance, refuge and encouragement.