Winter Work with Living With Harmony

Living With Harmony continues to speak and work locally and nationally to further our mission to heal and transform the lives of people and animals.

We have had a very busy Winter and are happy that Spring has sprung.

In February, John Pierre traveled to Florida Atlantic University to teach about the benefits of plant based eating. While in Florida, John also spoke about plant based eating and sports nutrition at Progressive Self-Defense Systems.

Living With Harmony has been volunteering with Peace Love Paws, whose mission is to provide care to pets whose parents are homeless and indigent.

Living With Harmony hosted a showing of the Project Child Save documentary “Kidnap & Rescue” at the Boulder Public Library in February.

We continue to work with Ty Ritter and his organization to help educate people and prevent child abductions and kidnappings.

Living With Harmony continues to work with Colorado Pet Pantry. We volunteer at two locations per month, helping to distribute pet food to families in need.

Living With Harmony had a booth at the Food Rx Health Summit in Houston, Texas.

John Pierre lectured about his Four Pillars of Health – Nutrition, Mind, Motion and Compassion.

We are still looking for a property so we can physically house and help more animals in need.

Continuing Our Search For A New Home

If you know of any properties that could house farm animals and domestic pets, or if you would like to make a donation, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you!  Happy Spring!

Our Work Transforming The Lives of All Beings

Living With Harmony’s ultimate vision is to build an animal sanctuary and retreat center to protect, heal and transform the lives of all beings.

While working to make that vision a future reality, we’re also transforming the lives of people and animals in the present. This takes many forms and goes beyond simply rescuing animals and promoting plant-based eating.  Here’s some of the work we have done this year.

Our Work With Ty Ritter’s Project Child Save

project-child-save-silhouettesWe’re collaborating with and supporting Ty Ritter’s Project Child Save, a non-profit dedicated to helping prevent child abductions and kidnapping through education and public awareness campaigns.

Ritter has worked for years in kidnap recovery and kidnap prevention. To date, Ritter and his team have recovered over nine hundred kidnap victims from countries all over the world. Over half of the victims were children taken by strangers and sold into sexual slavery. He founded Project Child Save to raise funds so that he and his team can save as many children as possible.

Please visit to read more about their work and the disturbing reality of child exploitation.

Our Work With The Elderly, Injured, Challenged and Animals In Need

Living With Harmony helps elderly or injured people who need help by walking their dogs.  This is great for both the dog and the walker!

We help to provide food and cat litter to those in need and transport items for those who are unable to lift and move heavy food and litter bags.

We assist people who have lost their jobs or who have had other challenges and can’t afford healthy food. It’s important that everyone have access to healthy, plant-based foods.

And yes, we rescue animals! We help to trap and to transport humane traps to rescue stray cats.  By working with other groups, we get them medical care, spayed or neutered, and help place them into forever homes.

We also work to help injured wildlife and get them to wildlife rehabilitators who help the animals heal and return back to the wild, if they are able.

Our Work With Colorado Pet Pantry

colorado-pet-pantry-logoLiving With Harmony volunteers with the Colorado Pet Pantry and we hope to work more closely with this wonderful organization in the New Year.  Colorado Pet Pantry helps get food to Colorado’s needy dogs and cats by working with several local food banks.


If any of these transformation activities speak to you, please consider donating to support our work. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax deductible.

John Pierre’s Work Transforming The Lives of Women

Our co-founder John Pierre is finishing up the year with another seminar on women’s safety and empowerment, which is the subject of his newest book Strong, Savvy, Safe: Empowering Tools for Self-Protection and Vibrant Health.

The response to his recent book tour and lectures has been overwhelmingly positive. Women are coming away with new insights and understanding about how to empower themselves, emotionally and physically.

Below are some timely tips in an excerpt from “Strong, Savvy, Safe”

To avoid being an easy target during this holiday season and everyday life, consider the following helpful tips:

Avoid talking on the cellphone while walking outdoors: You send the signal that you’re very distracted, not fully alert to your environment, easy to sneak up on, unprepared, and easily startled. If you must speak on your cellphone in a public setting, consider choosing a safe area where you can see who’s around.

Avoid listening to headphones while walking or jogging outside: How well can you hear what’s in your surroundings if you listen to music as you’re jogging or walking? Not very well. Why discard one of your keen senses when you’re in public? Avoid wearing headphones when you’re out in public. Being alert to hearing an odd noise can buy you critical seconds to respond or getaway, which may help save your life.

Avoid overloading yourself with bags or packages: If you’re carrying more than just a small bag, be very cautious as your hands will have to drop your articles to deliver opposition if you’re attacked. Avoid carrying bulky packages which call for the full use of both of your hands. Be conscious about advertising the stores where you shop as criminals can deduce what price range you can afford.

Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes: Have you ever tried running really fast in high heels? How about quickly moving diagonally or backwards? It’s almost impossible to perform an effective kick while wearing high heels so be extra careful about the shoes you chose to wear, especially if you’re going to walk alone through an unfamiliar area. Always keep a pair of sneakers or comfortable flats both in your car and in your handbag if you must wear heels to a special occasion. Change into your comfortable shoes when the event is over, especially if must walk to your car or another location. Effective running, kicking, and moving is critically dependent on the shoes you choose to wear. Put safety and comfort first on your list before fashion.

We all know women who would benefit from the advice in this book, especially  due to the chaotic and perilous times in which we live.

John’s Book Makes A Wonderful, Loving Holiday Gift!

strong-savvy-safe-empowering-tools-for-self-protection-john-pierre-paperback-cover-artHere’s a link to order John’s book Strong, Savvy, Safe: Empowering Tools for Self-Protection and Vibrant Health.

The book introduces practical tools and principles that invite everyone to take control and responsibility of their personal health, safety, and awareness; inspiring true empowerment and lasting well being.

If you use this link to order the book through Amazon, Living With Harmony will also receive a small donation from Amazon, and you don’t pay any extra cost! Living With Harmony is part of the Amazon Smiles program, which means that we get a small donation at no extra cost to you on eligible items on  Just go to and select Living With Harmony as your charity if you don’t have one chosen already.  Every time you log in at, it will remember that you selected Living With Harmony automatically.

Thanks For Your Support This Year

The year is coming to an end, which means your  window for making tax-deductible donations is coming to an end as well.

Donate by December 31 in order to make your donation count toward your 2016 taxes!

A donation of any amount is helpful and appreciated.


John, Andrea and Denise work in many ways to transform the lives of humans and animals!



Our Ongoing Search for a Home and Work at Kindness Ranch in Wyoming

Still Looking For A New Home

Hi everyone and thank you for staying tuned as we continue our search for property to start our sanctuary. We’ve been looking at several properties in different parts of Colorado.

As we blogged earlier this year, while we don’t have a place to call home yet, we’ve all been busy volunteering at other nearby sanctuaries, such as Luvin Arms and with other projects.

John Pierre continues to do lectures and seminars across the country, with his most recent one being at the Health, Healing and Happiness Expo in Las Vegas and Andrea works as a vet tech and cares for her current crew of special-needs rescued animals and helps others take care of their animals. Continue reading

Days 4 and 5 Final Update – 5 Half Marathons – 5 States – 5 Days – 4 Living With Harmony!

Hello All

Day 4 is officially in the books with a time of 3:22:24.  This is the fastest time of the series so far. The race site was at Spruce Run National Recreation Area in Clinton, NJ and was 7 loops with 6 rubber bands along mostly asphalt.

There were so many new faces and all the familiar faces for mutual moral support.  The newbies quickly embraced the camaraderie and returned words of encouragement. Continue reading